1.                Mihimihi                                                                                               

            2.                Karakia                                                                                                

            3.                Apologies

            4.                Minutes of the 2015 AGM

            5.                Matters arising

            6.                Chairman’s Report

            7.                Financial Report

            8.                Appointment of Auditor – There having been no other nomination for the position of auditor and in the absence of a notice in writing advising that they do not wish to be re-appointed, Spooner, Hood & Redpath Ltd (the firm’s new name after merging with Sewell and Wilson) are automatically re-appointed pursuant to s277 (2) of the Act.

            9.                Appointment of Share Valuer – Balance Chartered Accountants Ltd have offered themselves for re-election.

            “That pursuant to s278 of the Act, Balance Chartered Accountants Ltd be re-appointed as Share Valuer.”

          10.                Dividend

            “That the payment of a dividend of $3.00 per share from Reserves accumulated prior to 30 June 2004 as recommended by the Committee of Management be approved pursuant to s259 (1c) of the Act.”

          11.                Kaumatua grant

“That pursuant to s259(1d) of the Act it is hereby authorised that a grant in the sum of $50 towards travel costs be paid by direct credit to any shareholder or shareholding Trust beneficiary attending this meeting who was born on or before the 18th of November 1956.”

          12.                Charitable purposes payments

“That pursuant to s259(1d) of  the Act it is hereby authorised that a payment of $12,500 be made to The Whanganui Trust to assist with the delivery of its charitable activities and sums totalling $8,000 be made on account of Education Scholarships.”

          13.                The Whanganui Trust

                               1.       Chairman’s Report

                               2.       Financial Report                                                          

                               3.       Nominations and then a show of hands for a “floor member” (Trustee) to The Whanganui Trust.


Harvey Bell