Committee of Management Nomination form  
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  Any shareholder may nominate an eligible person1 who is at least 18 years of age, to serve on an incorporation's Committee of Management ("committee"). In the case of one or more nominations and those retiring by rotation (two or three each year) offering themselves for re-election, there would be an election at the forthcoming general meeting, usually the AGM.
Nominations are required to be received by the office no later than 4:00pm on the 30th of September or the first business day in October if the 30th falls on a weekend.

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  Election year:  
  Authorised person  
   to stand for election to the committee at the forthcoming general meeting of Morikau or any adjournment of that meeting.  
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  All nominees must submit a one page biography (of no more than 300 words), along with a recent head and shoulders photo at the time of submitting this nomination.
Incomplete nomination forms or a failure to supply the required supporting material by the due date shall render the nomination void.
  Submission options:              
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