The Whanganui Trust
Education awards
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  About The Whanganui Trust ("the Trust")    
  Registered in 1965, the Trust was the first in NZ to be authorised to hold and invest unclaimed dividends in trust and use the interest therefrom for charitable purposes.

In addition to its interest, Morikaunui Incorporation ("Morikau") contributes an annual sum of $12,500 or 5% of profits, whichever is the greater, to the Trust.  It also directly funds the Post-graduate and Under-graduate scholarships, the administration of which is undertaken by the Trust..

The Education awards are considered once a year with applications closing on 31 March (or the next business day if that day is on a weekend or is a holiday).
  Applying and Eligibility
  Only shareholders of Morikaunui Incorporation or their descendants are eligibile to apply to The Whanganui Trust for assistance in any category.

  Application forms will be available from this website from mid-January.  Because of the information required in relation to enrolments (eg proof of fees being paid if applicable), it is unlikely that many applicants will have all their required documentation before late February or early March. 

Applications can be accepted for consideration from a current shareholder or their direct descendants or beneficiaries of a shareholding trust. The applicant must satisfy the following conditions:
> (excepting for the Year 13 grant), be enrolled as a full-time tertiary student at a recognised New Zealand Institution;
> if applicable, have complied with the reporting and all other obligations required of the Trust previously;
> have completed the form fully and supplied all the required information [if information is not available by the due date, contact the office to make arrangements for late delivery (no longer than 2 weeks). See email link below or call on 06 348 7218].

Note: All those considered for a Scholarship but who are unsuccessful are automatically awarded an Education grant.
  The Awards
  Only the applications completed fully with all the required documentation will be considered. The scholarship applications are all considered by an external assessor who takes account of all the supporting information including the academic record as well as the biographical notes supplied with the latter being particularly important.  The awards are made on the basis of recommendations by the assessor.
  Victoria University of Wellington students
  The trust has a memorandum of understanding with VUW whereby it will match any award we make.  In other words if you receive a $1,000 scholarship from the trust, you will also receive that amount from the university.    
  Post-graduate scholarship
>  Must be studying in a recognised NZ institution.
>  Must be a full-time study programme where an under-graduate degree is a pre-requisite. [Note: most MBA's are ineligible because they generally meet neither requirement.]

W R Metekingi Scholarship @ $5,000 pa for one year.  (Recipients are eligible to apply for a 2nd year provided they have passed all the previous year's papers. However consideration is on an equal footing with other applications.)
  Under-graduate scholarships
>  Must be studying full-time at a recognised NZ institution.
Note: While applications are accepted for first year students, these would only be considered if there were insufficient qualify second and subsequent year applications to satisfy the number of scholarships available.

These awards are $1,000 per year for up to three years with 100% pass-rates required for an automatic roll-over the following year.
>  Hoeroa Marumaru Scholarship
>  Hera Scott-Wells Scholarship
  Trust Scholarships
  These awards are for $2,500 each for one year with the ability to apply again provided 100% pass rates have been achieved. In this case an applicant may apply again if more study is required.
  Trust University Scholarship
  This is open to applicants who, having successfully completed at least one year's study and are including (a) paper(s) with an agricultural/farming/land based focus as one of their major subjects.
  Farm training or Trade Scholarship
  Applicants for this award must be undertaking a recognised NZQA approved course of no less than one year. While the award is for $2,500, there may be occasions when it is shared between two worthy applicants. [If the course is for more than one year, recipients may apply again provided they have passed all their previous year's subjects.]
  Education Grants    
  These grants are up to $500 each but usually less because the allocated budget is divided by the number of qualifying applicants.  As in the case of the Scholarships, applicants must be engaged in full-time study at a recognised NZ tertiary institution. 

All those considered for a scholarship but who are unsuccessful will automatically receive an Education Grant.
  Year 13 Grant    
  This grant is available to students undertaking NZEA three or four (or equivalent). While the amount is up to $250, the budget is pooled with the Education Grants and the award is 50% of those grants.