Morikaunui Incorporation Share Registry Detail Update Form      
    Note: If we haven't been communicating with you we don't have your contact details.      
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    IRD #:   [To avoid 33% withholding tax from taxable dividends.]      
    Date of birth:   [To allow pre-approval of any Kaumatua koha entitlement.]      
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    The Waipakuranui Incorporation shareholder database is also managed in this office so any details updated for Morikau may be updated for Waipakura, if applicable. With that exception, the contact details on our shareholder register will not be shared with anyone else.
There may be occasions however where Iwi or Hapu groups from the Awa are trying to contact their members.  In such circumstances we could make our address database available to a third party mail-out contractor to address and post out the communication with engagement only occurring at the behest of the recipient.  The group itself will not have access to addresses.
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