no address and unclaimed dividends

Morikaunui Incorporation Shareholders

In common with many Maori entities we have no contact details for over 50% of our named shareholders. The unclaimed dividends attached to these Morikau shares are held in trust by The Whanganui Trust.

There are only two reasons why dividends are unclaimed - either we do not have a current shareholder address or in the case of a deceased shareholder, we have never been advised by the Maori Land Court of any Succession Order.

If you were the beneficiary of a parent's and grandparent's land interests (Maori Incorporation shares are treated as if they are land) and there are still outstanding unclaimed dividends it means the shares were missed from the application for succession. An application for a fee waiver to get additional interests added to a Succession Order may be made at the time.

If no application has been made, you need to contact your nearest Maori Land Court. Click here for on-line link. The application process is dependent on the date of the shareholder's death and whether or not there was a Will. In some cases when there is more than one succession the process can be complex.

Postal contact:
The Secretary
Morikaunui Incorporation
PO Box 641
Whanganui - Unclaimed dividend query

Below is a link to a downloadable PDF file with a list of shareholders whose contact details we do not have and their dividends are unclaimed. Click here to download the PDF file of Unclaimed dividends.

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